Linervent for Property owners

We understand that each property is a significant investment. Our goal is to help you enhance your buildings' performance and thus increase their value. We improve indoor climate with efficient solutions for sealing ventilation ducts. With Linervent, you get approved OVK (mandatory ventilation control) and reduced operating costs through energy savings as the correct amount of air now leaves the property.

Sealed ventilation ducts, a key to good real-estate

Airflow in buildings is often mandated by law (in Sweden, this law is called the law of obligatory ventilation control—OVK). Duct sealing with the Linervent method is a straightforward, cost-effective way to ensure a property meets requirements and regulations, providing a good indoor environment and energy-efficient ventilation.

Linervent, proven and environmentally friendly

More than 100,000 meters of Linervent have been installed since 2014. The method is type-approved according to Kiwa standards, meaning the product is both sealed and fire-safe, with a fire rating of B1-s1d0. Linervent materials are also an environmentally friendly option, verified by Byggvarubedömningen and Sunda Hus. The material is produced in our factory in Ekerö, ensuring control over working conditions and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Smooth projects with Linervent 

We know time is money, and we know residents don't appreciate long periods of disruption, especially with workers coming in and out of apartments. The Linervent method allows each installation project to be carried out efficiently and without disturbance. Our certified installers ensure the work is done with precision and respect for the residents' comfort. Usually, an apartment requires only two short visits over two working days for sealed ventilation.

How  Linervent makes your building energy efficient?

Ventilation involves extracting air from buildings and replacing it with new air from outside. When ventilation ducts are leaky, more air than necessary is drawn out of the building. The air drawn out must be replaced by new air from outside, which must be heated when cold outside. Sealing ducts reduce the amount of warm air being extracted, thus reducing the amount of cold air needing to be heated. This saves energy by heating only the necessary amount of air.

Linervent for tenants and apartment owners

If you are a resident and would like to learn more about sealing ventilation ducts with Linervent, please follow the link below.