Leak free ventilation ducts with Linervent

Sealed ventilation ducts improve living environments, save energy, and ensure compliance with mandatory ventilation control (OVK). Linervent provides a proprietary method to seal ducts using materials produced in our factory in Ekerö. Our installation partners perform the sealing with minimal disturbance to residents and without demolition. Typically, a unit's ducts are wholly sealed after two working days. Access to the apartment generally requires two short periods, causing minimal disruption.

With over 100,000 meters installed in Europe, Linervent is one of the market's leading solutions for sealing ventilation systems.

Sealed ventilation ducts with proven quality and reliability

Our solutions are quick to install and designed to last. Linervent is a proven, cost-effective method for improving indoor climate and energy performance in buildings.

For a future with fewer leaks

Join the satisfied property owners, consultants, and installers who have already discovered the benefits of Linervent.

Key features

  • Seals ventilation ducts in all materials
  • Handles dimension changes
  • Fire-rated material
  • No environmental impact on residents
  • Completed in two days