Linervent saves energy

With leaky ventilation, a building often becomes an energy waster. By sealing ventilation ducts, the building achieves the correct airflows and saves energy. Here's how it works:

This is how heat escapes the building

Why does more warm air than necessary escape from the house?

How are heat losses addressed? 

Why is ventilation an energy thief?

  • Ventilation involves air being extracted from buildings and replaced by new air from outside.
  • When ventilation ducts are leaky, more air than necessary is drawn out of the building.
  • This means more cold air needs to be heated, increasing heating costs.

Duct sealing reduces heat loss

Ventilation accounts for up to 50% of heat leakage, presenting significant savings potential. Duct sealing reduces the amount of warm air extracted and thus the amount of cold air that needs to be heated, saving on heating costs.