Linervent for installers

For Linervent installers, a world of opportunities opens up. The demand for duct sealing is immense, with 8 out of 10 ducts in Swedish multi-family homes leaking. We support you from day one, helping you understand how to find customers, perform successful installations, and become efficient and profitable. We train our installers on how our material works and how to install it according to our quality standards. Linervent is a simple way for relining companies to extend what they offer to their customers.

Equipped for success

To succeed in every assignment, the right tools are essential. Linervent provides information on the necessary equipment and materials for a successful installation. We also provide sales and marketing materials to help you explain the benefits of Linervent solutions to your customers, including technical data sheets and before-and-after photos.

Great results from the first installation

Starting in a new market can be challenging, but with Linervent, you get support. We assist with project planning, quotation calculations, and valuable insights from our expert team to help you understand customer needs. Our goal is to make you confident in your role as a Linervent installer, and we work closely with you to ensure every installation project is successful from start to finish.

Reliable partner during the installation

You won't be alone when it's time for your first installation. Our team is on hand to ensure everything goes according to plan and provide expertise if anything unexpected arises. We are committed to every process step, from the first inspection to the final quality check. Linervent is your partner, supporting you and ensuring every project ends successfully.

Join us for the ride

Our support continues even after the installation is complete. We work for your continued development and success as a Linervent installer. This includes ongoing training, access to technical support when needed, and opportunities to discuss new products and installation techniques. As part of the Linervent family, you can expect a partnership that grows and evolves with your business.

An opportunity to do more with what you already have

Most Linervent installers are already contractors in relining and pipelining. Becoming a Linervent installer requires minimal adaptation of your business. The staff quickly learns the methodology as most steps are similar to those for sewer relining.